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Quality Standards Policy

All products manufactured and supplied by Ankara Seramik must confirm to our Quality Management system ( QMS) to assure highest quality to our customers and satisfy their requirements.
Ankara Seramik has documented, implemented, maintained and will continually improve the QMS in accordance with ISO :9001:2008 standards. An integrated approach to our quality management system through comprehensive training supported by test facilities ensure superior product performance and reliability .
All products are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with not only all international standards ( IEC ,ANSI,DIN) but also stringent customer specific standards. Ankara Seramik A.S has constructed and built the foundation that it will use to continually strive for improvement in quality ,customer service and safety .
Tests performed in accordance with international standards :

1. Electrical Tests

-Power frequency Routine tests
-Lighting impulse withstand and % 50 CFO flashover voltage test
-Impulse Voltage puncture in Air test
-Power Frequency Puncture withstand Test
-Wet power frequency withstand and flashover voltage test
-Dry power Frequency withstand and flashover voltage test

2. Mechanical Tests

-Electromechanical Test
-Thermal-Mechanical performance test
-Residual Strength Test
-Torsion Strength Test
-Bending Strength Test
-Tension Strength Test
-Fatigue Test
-Impact Test

3. Other Tests

-Verification of Axial displacement
-Autoclave Expansion of Cement Test
-Galvanizing Control
-(Temperature Cycle Test
-Locking System Control

4. RIV (Radio Influence Voltage)

Tests results shall be provided upon request by the customer








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